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Walden Farms Products Are In!

The wonderful products from Walden farms have arrived. Walden Farms are an American company, who have recently set up in Australia. All of their low carb products are manufactured in America and imported to Australia.

Walden Farms do wonderful Sauces and Dips which are low carb, dairy free and gluten free. This expands the range for people who want low carb foods with delicious sauces, instead of having to go with the standard available high sugar sauces. The Walden Farms sauces, dips, marinades and mayonnaise are also very low in fat and calories. Essentially they are almost zero impact foods.

I have just finished making some beautiful chicken drumsticks basted with the Spicy BBQ Sauce, and I can happily recommend this product to anyone wanting to live a low carb, gluten free or dairy free lifestyle. Next on my testing list will need to be the Chocolate Dip!

Walden Farms products are of exceptional quality and we are so glad to have them available in Australia.

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