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Low Carb Syrups Arrived At Low Carb Central

DaVinci Gourmet do a fantastic range of low carb, sugar free syrups. These are also all dairy free, gluten free and Kosher! You just couldn’t ask for more. With all the taste but none of those nasty carbs, these flavoured syrups are perfect for adding to coffee, making a soda with, adding to milkshakes, thickshakes,  added in to your low carb ice cream mix, or poured over the top! We’ve started with 3 available flavours and will be adding 5 more flavours in the next 2 weeks.

Currently you can purchase the Caramel, Hazelnut, and the Vanilla. In the next 2 weeks you will also be able to buy Almond flavoured, Chocolate, Kahlua flavoured, Irish Cream and Raspberry low carb syrups. These should prove an absolute hit for making different flavoured low carb ice creams, icing, cakes and so much more. We’re exited to start experimenting with some of our favourite low carb recipe to make some great new creations.

Keep an eye out on the New products category to see when these come in.

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