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More Low Carb Convenience Products Hit The Supermarket Shelves

I love low carb, but sometimes it’s just so darn hard. You’re hungry – right NOW! And let’s face it, a lot of low carb food has to be prepared from scratch. When I am hungry, that just doesn’t cut it. I do a lot of things to combat this, such as having frozen low carb pizzas that I make up in advance ready to cook. And having meals frozen in the freezer, having snacks on hand etc. But when you’re out and about, it can be a pain.

Thankfully lately I have seen a bit more low carb food that is pre-prepared appearing in our supermarkets. They’re not “low carb foods” specifically, but they do happen to be low carb, so who’s complaining?

Sometimes it’s just a quick plain snack like these boiled eggs, sure they may not be exciting, but combine them with some ham and may and you’re good to go for a quick and easy snack or lunch. It’s just good to see more and more things appearing that we can actually eat.

Some of these are ready made and good to eat right away like this yummy salad I found in Coles recently, they had a whole range of them. I bought this Pumpkin feta and Spinach one and it was delicious. It only had 5.4g carbs for the whole thing. I actually ate it over 2 days with some shaved ham. It was quite sizable! Unfortunately they nwre also $8.50 each which is a bit pricey.


I also noticed some ready to pour omelettes in Woolies. Sure for most of us an omelette is easy to whip up, but not everyone is kitchen savvy as I am. I think things like this are great. They’re made of real, fresh ingredients, but they’re nice and convenient and allow people to spend hours less in the kitchen (and make a lot less mess!).



  1. Ohh i LOVE those omelette mixes!! They are SOOOO easy! I just pour it into a container and put it in the microwave ( i make it more like scrambled eggs) but they taste the same as if i made it from scratch, but so quick and simple. Very easy to have at work!!

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