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Pork Ribs – Yummy But Accidentally Expensive!

I’m never sure how anyone on a low carb diet gets bored. I think it must be lack of imagination, or lack of time. Personally, I have a list as long as my arm of new things I want to try but haven’t had time yet. We rarely get to eat the same thing twice, which is a shame because I make some really yummy things! I’d never made BBQ pork ribs before, so they were on the list and floated to the top one Friday evening.

Mind you maybe the reason we haven’t had these again yet relates to the $1,000 vet bill we ended up with, as opposed to my inability to get through my list of yummy low carb recipes I want to try. A $1,000 vet bill you exclaim? Well yes so did I … You see we have this lovely, adorable new little puppy. He’s a small dog, a jack russell x silky terrier, and at the time of BBQ pork ribs he was just 8 weeks old and very new to our house.

Whilst I was preparing these delicious BBQ pork ribs in their rich BBQ sauce, I decided our puppies (we also have an 18 month old of the same breed) would enjoy a pork rib no doubt. So I deftly cut a rib off for each of the dogs and gave it to them.

What ensued was our older dog doing his usual, starting to chew the meat off, and our delightful young tiny puppy gulping his entire rib down in one go. Now keep in mind, this rib was about 7 cm long, and about 3cm around at the widest part, as it was both bone and meat (a real treat). Muppet (aptly named), the young puppy started chocking on his pork rib (duh), but finally managed to get it down, and went scampering off to chase down our other dogs rib as well!

My partner and I looked at each other in disbelief and immediately called the vets, given that our little puppy was a hefty 21 cm from the tip of his nose, to the end of his tail, you can understand the concern with him ingesting a 7cm bone. This was of course on a Friday night at about 6pm – only the most expensive time to have a veterinary emergency! Of course, we needed to take him in to the After Hours Animal Emergency Centre where he spent 3 nights and the best part of $1,000.

Needless to say, that night the pork ribs, and lovingly prepared BBQ sauce I was about to marinate them in were all fridged for a later time. I did think at the time that if our poor puppy didn’t make it, I could never eat ribs again. There was talk of operations, and digestion and of course ribs! The vets opted for the wait and see approach, which turned out to be the best way. Unbelievably our little Muppet digested this massive bone (which was stretching his stomach) all on his own. What an amazing little system he has!

By the Monday, all the drama was over and we decided pork ribs were back on the menu, so out they came again and I pasted them with the BBQ sauce I had made for them and into the oven they went (with none for the dogs this time!) They smelt like a dream, looked like a rack of heaven and tasted even better. We served them with a finger salad (a salad with pieces large enough to also pick up with your fingers) and they were enjoyed all round.

I’d highly recommend trying this recipe, but also following my advice of not giving your dogs any! We have since been advised not to give Muppet any bone smaller than his head …


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