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Lovely Low Carb Buttery Cookies

Plain cookies seem like such a treat on a low carb diet. Since we are used to “cookies” which can barely be called that! The LC Butter Cookie Mix changed all of our expectations though. They are a plain butter cookie, so are the perfect base to add anything such as macadamias to. Be creative !

This is another LC Foods nice and simple low carb recipe, a few basic ingredients and the packet mix and you have yourself some wonderful low carb cookies. The mix is quite generous in that it makes 14 palm sized cookies. Each of these cookies only has 1 gram of net carbs, so eating 2 or even 3 of these is not going to break the carb bank. Those of us who have trouble stopping at 1 biscuit will appreciate this greatly.
The cookies rise more than traditional cookies as we think of them in Australia, however I have heard one customer put her cookies in between some heavy books after she finished cooking them, and ended up with cookies exactly as we think of them. An ingenious idea!
As these are butter cookies, they don’t have a huge amount of taste to them, they are a lovely sweet biscuit which would make the perfect compliment to a coffee. I made some of these with a drop of low carb jam in the middle and they were just like mum used to make.
We gave these an 8/10 on the Low Carb Central Yumm Scale. Only losing 2 points as we like foods with a stronger taste. For Butter cookies they would get a 10. A fantastic addition to any low carb eaters lifestyle.

Low Carb Butter Cookies Recipe

LC Butter Cookie Mix Recipe

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